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Performing installs and upgrades brakes on installing the core

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16 January 2009, 13:47

I just update mahara from, I want to installe it from zero. But I am getting this error each time.

The setup and configuration is fine, it creates some tables but brakes on the host table. Any clue?

:( Could not execute command: CREATE TABLE host ( wwwroot VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, name VARCHAR(80) NOT NULL, institution VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, ipaddress VARCHAR(39) NOT NULL, portno BIGINT(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT 80, appname VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, publickey TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT '', publickeyexpires BIGINT(10) NOT NULL, deleted TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, lastconnecttime BIGINT(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, CONSTRAINT PRIMARY KEY (wwwroot), CONSTRAINT host_ins_fk FOREIGN KEY (institution) REFERENCES institution (name), CONSTRAINT host_app_fk FOREIGN KEY (appname) REFERENCES application (name) )TYPE=innodb

Call stack (most recent first):

    * execute_sql("CREATE TABLE host ( wwwroot VARCHAR(255) NOT N...", true) at /home/mariocesar/public_html/mahara/lib/dml.php:1360
    * execute_sql_arr(array(size 216)) at /home/mariocesar/public_html/mahara/lib/ddl.php:565
    * install_from_xmldb_file("/home/mariocesar/public_html/mahara/lib/db/install...") at /home/mariocesar/public_html/mahara/lib/upgrade.php:265
    * upgrade_core(object(stdClass)) at /home/mariocesar/public_html/mahara/admin/upgrade.json.php:71
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17 January 2009, 20:23

Hi - I think it's broken because of this patch I added recently. I found out after I'd added it that MySQL doesn't support defaults on text columns - what a silly limitation! Frown

I am going to investigate how much work it is to remove the defaults from all text columns in Mahara, and if it's too much work I will revert that patch. Though I'd really like it to stick around as it would have made bugs like this far more obvious.

For now, you could try un-applying that patch and see if it installs for you.

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21 January 2009, 21:42

Richard just reverted that patch on master, so hopefully it installs again.
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