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Mahara-Moodle Intergration Problem

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15 March 2010, 21:30


I successfully integrated moodle with mahara. Now moodle users are able to use mahara through SSO . I followed all the instructions specified in mahara manual to allow moodle users to login directly to mahara(choosing internal as parent authority for Moodle XMLRPC), but it is not working for me.

The manual says that once this is done, next time when a moodle user goes to mahara from moodle, he/she will be prompted to change the password for mahara.I am not getting this screen. It logs in to mahara as it used to do before. And I am not able to login to mahara directly with moodle login.

Am i missig something here ? Please advise. 

(I am working on wamp server)

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