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Need startup aid for new plugintype.

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11 March 2010, 23:32


   I am stuck on an idea here. I could use some wise advice here. I want to add a meetup section that would work just like the groups. The meetups won't be connected to groups and I wanted to do the following.

1. Copy the grouptype and group folders content and rename it to meetuptype and meetup.

2. Create db tables similar to the groups.

3. Change the coding to reflect these changes.

4. Use the interaction plugin for the forum section.

Here are my questions.

1. I am not good at craeting new tables. Where can I get a good write up of this so, I can run a sql. I have tried to do this but, get errors.

2. Can I use the interaction forum with the meetup section without getting into errors. I am not sure if it can be used more than once. Hoping it can be because it will be a little easier to get this meetup feature running.  

Any input would be appreciated thanks. If there is another method for creating this please do tell.Laughing

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18 March 2010, 22:32

This is resolved:)
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