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06 March 2010, 8:22 PM


being used to the simple way of embedding anything into moodle  me and my students are really missing this feature in Mahara. There are so many great web 2.0 apps for learning and with the click of a mouse you can get them into your moodle . In Mahara this is restricted to just a few apps.(Is there a reason???)  Is there a way or is it planned to open up MAhara to all embed code? 

To illustrate just one of these apps, have a look here, where my students did brainstormng , I told them to embed it into their blogs to illustrate the further steps on the topic... when they reminded me again that it was not possible in MAHARA. 

If there is any possibility of adding the embed fature for all codes, please let me knoe- would be a big step forwards forthe students to open up their portgfolios for collaboration.


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