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Jobberbase and Mahara

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22 February 2010, 11:47 PM

Just came this idea. What about having a JobBase and vice verse a PeopleBase for Job seekers and Jobs included into Mahara. Jobberbase is a tiny but very useful nice script!

Companies can posts jobs and get notified directly. 

the same way People could Post that they are seeking a Job. There only would need to be a way to insert a public View Link into the ad of someone. Right now this can be done by inserting manually the link (what is working). But it would be great if the available views would be listed and you could choose from them while applying to a job. I guess actually mahara and Jobberbase only would need to be installed in the same database and share data.

Is there a way to list all public available views of someone?

If not this would be great to implement it.



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15 March 2010, 4:27 PM

There isn't a handy mahara method that I know of yet, but you can just do a select on the view table and join on view_access on the view id and then restrict the results to those that are accesstype 'public' :)
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