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Mahara: Site unavailable

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16 February 2010, 12:05

hi, i'm new to this...i'm trying to install mahara but at the installation page i get this error:

Mahara: Site unavailable

Mahara could not connect to the application database.

* If you are using Mahara, please wait a minute and try again
* If you are the administrator, please check your database settings and make sure your database is available

The error received was:
postgres7 error: [-1: Database connection failed] in CONNECT(localhost, 'talents_lili', '****', talents_lili)
Any idea what's the problem?
thx in advance


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15 March 2010, 16:25

Mahara can't connect to your database. You probably need to tell postgres to let it connect. This is done by editing the pg_hba.conf file which describes which users can connect to which databases.  You need to tell it that the mahara user should connect using the md5 method.  You can read more about this here:

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