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Creating Custom Resume Lists

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14 February 2010, 22:12

Hi All

Is there a way to create custom Resume Lists?

The great thing in Mahara is being able to display customized view for custom purposes. Unfortunately you can't customize the Lists itself. It would be very appreciated if it would be possible to check records which should get displayed in a view and which not.

i.e. if you have a look here:

Education, Employment, Certificate, ... Lists display all kind of records. Now the List gets quite long!

To present a CV for an IT Company all "education i.e. "Montessori, Mediation" stuff won't be needed but for an CV for an job in a school as Montessori Teacher all Educational stuff would be needed but not those "Aerospace Technology" stuff.

As life gets older and experiences wider their should be a possibility to achieve some kind of sorting out for specific purposes.

Thanks for the great work you have already done!


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15 March 2010, 16:16

Nothing like this yet, but wouldn't be too hard to write a custom resume blocktype plugin - have a look in artefact/resume/blocktype/ at the ones that exist already! :)
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