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What about setting up a new forum for jobs at Mahara

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09 January 2009, 10:37


 As Mahara is quite new and those who are working in its different aspects are,somehow, pioneers,

I wonder if it would make sense to create a forum for advertising Mahara-related jobs, including sponsorships, grants and fundings to develop more functionalities.

In terms of the visual interface, for instance, there are plenty of aspects that can be improved, such as creating new themes, statistics reports, etc, but the problem is to get the money to do them.

Most of us have being doing things in our free time, but perphaps there are funds available somewhere (European Union, Governments, Open Source foundations, etc) we don´t even know.


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11 January 2009, 20:34

Hi Aaricia,

The impression I get from your post is a forum where people could post bits of work they wanted done (perferrably not tiny things like bug fixes), and others could discuss the ideas/co-ordinate gathering funding. Is that what you were imagining?

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