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Shared write access to views (mini-wiki?)

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20 January 2010, 16:12


I'm new to Mahara and I'm checking out all the features I can before I install. I have little developer experience. So far Mahara looks great and is my first choice having checked out a few other options...ning, dolphin, elgg.

There's one feature I'd like that I wasn't able to test out on the demo installation. I would really like to be able to have my students working on a joint text - to create a summary of the work we do together. In Elgg the group members can create pages that can be set for read & write access. So members can collaborate on the same page. Plus subpages can be set (with an hierarchical index of all the pages on the left) - so that a mini-wiki can easily be created.

Does Mahara have a way of giving members write access to the same views?Or having views hierarchically displayed on the Views page?

View1 page



View2 page


Thank you,


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20 January 2010, 17:09

Hi Paul,

the group functions a sort of thing you are looking for. Here all members can work  in a view. Thru a little tricky use of blogs and links they can create also subviews and pages.


Extensive tests thru several universities have shown that Mahara is outstanding other collaborative tools Cool

HTH Heinz

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20 January 2010, 21:13

Thanks for taking the time Heinz,

I wasn't thinking right! Of course views in groups would be collaborative Laughing


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