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Problems on 1.1

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08 January 2009, 7:14


I am currently developing my site with mahara 1.1 and  i have two problems but 'm not sure it's bugs.

I'm using postgrsql database with php5 and the beta4 of mahara.

When i use the contact form the message is never delivery ( notifications settings are ok for administrator)  in the form i have a successful report but that's all.

All other notifications works well, mails are not in spam box. 

I have the same problem on a fresh install.


Other problem is with groups: user are not add when you approved them but system says that they are added successfully  


Thanks for reading 


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08 January 2009, 18:42

Hi Maxime. For the first problem, there is one other thing you could check. Are you sure that the email did not make it to your MTA? If you have access, you might want to check the logs for it to see if the email made it that far. If it didn't, then file a bug for it.

The second problem definitely sounds like a bug - could you please make one on the tracker?

Thanks for the reports!

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09 January 2009, 4:52

Ok thanks i'll take a look on my log.

I go on the tracker now

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