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Siteground Hosting??

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08 January 2010, 15:19

I saw a few people that said they are using Siteground hosting. I am on a shared server, but I have successfully installed and ran Joomla, Wordpress and a number of other Open Source packages with Siteground and have been happy with the service. I'm only hang up is when it comes to Mahara :(

 I get this on install:

[ENV] cb You have dangerous PHP settings, magic_quotes_gpc is on. Mahara is trying to work around this, but you should really fix it

Call stack (most recent first):

    * log_message("You have dangerous PHP settings, magic_quotes_gpc ...", 1, true, true) at /home/designb2/public_html/eportfolio/lib/errors.php:123
    * log_environ("You have dangerous PHP settings, magic_quotes_gpc ...") at /home/designb2/public_html/eportfolio/lib/mahara.php:97
    * ensure_sanity() at /home/designb2/public_html/eportfolio/init.php:80
    * require("/home/designb2/public_html/eportfolio/init.php") at /home/designb2/public_html/eportfolio/admin/upgrade.php:32


 I ended up disabling all of the .htaccess lines in the default .htaccess file. Siteground didn't seem to like when any of those lines were turned on.



Does anyone have any suggestions? Any advice would be helpful. I am really looking forward to using Mahara and deploying it on our University.

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09 January 2010, 4:52

Hi Brian,

I started my Mahara experiences  also with a shared host and all was ok. But at some point you will need things that your shared host provider will not install. Best example ist the needed zip utility for the new Mahara 1.2 release.

Go for an VPS host, it's only a few cents more but you will win a lot of freedome.

HTH Heinz 

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09 January 2010, 13:18

Hi, we have a managed VPS at Siteground. I always appreciate Siteground's swift support. Have you discussed the issue with them?

Kind regards, Jonas

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