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New users can't register

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06 January 2010, 5:34

Hi, I've recently installed Mahara on a WAMP server (windows 2003 server) but I'm experiencing some problems.

When a user tries to register he gets the error message:
Sorry, your registration attempt was unsuccessful. This is our fault, not yours. Please try again later.

I've read some posts on this forum all saying this is an error in the mail server.

Well the mailserver is working perfectly. On this webserver there are some other programs and scripts installed and they don't have issues with sending mail. So the problem must be in Mahara.

I edited the config as said in other posts but still no result. What can I do?


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08 January 2010, 4:13

Guys why don't I get a reply?
If you want to keep your users happy and concentrate more on business you will have to do something about your support! This is more important for a company who wants to buy your product  than the price of it.

Our company is in a test fase at the moment trying to see which program is the best for our organization, if we can't get any support from Mahara there is no point in testing it any further and we'll start working with other programs (i.e. ELGG of DotNetNuke).

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08 January 2010, 11:07


greetings from Germany ;-)

I am not bundled with Catalyst, but I have a long experience with the excellent support thru the dorums, thru IRC, thru Nigel, Penny, Richard and the other guys who developed Mhara. 

I read in another posting that that the team spends some days of holiday and I am sure they will give you valuable tips.

HTH Heinz

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