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My Resumé Mandatory Fields

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04 January 2010, 11:19 AM

Hi Maharians,

while playing around with the Resumé function of Mahara I tried to enter my Education History. Unfortunately I don't quite get the difference between Qualification type and Qualification name. Both fields have to be filled out or the form won't be sent. If I e.g. want to add my High School Diploma I don't know what to enter as Qualification type. It would be awesome if one could chose whether to fill out both fields or only one field.


By the way: When editing my profile I can enter a "Preferred name". Why not change this to "Display Name"? 

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04 January 2010, 8:17 PM

Hi Alex,

did you notice that in the German langpack the wording has been changed? ;-)

Greetings Heinz

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05 January 2010, 9:33 AM

I did Heinz! Thx a lot for this.
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04 January 2010, 10:55 PM

Hi Alex,

 These are good suggestions. We are thinking of enhancing the resume block in Mahara.

 Feel free to suggest that feature on the bug tracker so that we don't lose track of it:

What do others think of the "Display Name" versus "Preferred name" suggestion? I get the feeling that "Display Name" is indeed more common on social networking sites...



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05 January 2010, 3:56 AM

I also wanted to ask something similar - so instead I filled out a bug (or feature request).


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05 January 2010, 9:34 AM

Hi Francois,

 I added to "Bug reports" to the Bug tracker.


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