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error message on share dates

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29 December 2009, 13:03

"the start date must be before the stop date" 

Anyone getting this message when putting in share timeframes using start date before stop date? Seems to happen when the time of the stop date is earlier than the time of the start date, even if the stop date is after the start date. (Message shows up after saving Access for View. If you close the Access for View and then return, you can see that Mahara has changed the time (mins.) to a later time than start minutes) Only seems to happen with mins., not hours.  Have not tested to see if it affects actual sharing. Maybe it's just an error message, but I imagine it will confuse users.

(Mahara v 1.2.2, ; Apache Unix 2.2; MySQL 5.1.41; OS Linux, PostGres8.1) 


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