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Autosave Posts ?

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29 December 2009, 10:43

I am currently evaluating Mahara as a possible solution for a faculty-wide ePortfolio solution.  During my initial trials I have noticed that if you start to write a blog post, and close the browser window before saving, the work is gone... there seems to be no built in autosave (draft) feature.  Is this correct, or are there settings that can be changed to allow autosave?


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30 December 2009, 20:44

Hi Tim, you are right. Forum posts are the same, you need to save. In my experience I find it a minor annoyance as it is best practice not to type direct to the web (with exception of Google Docs although they have let me down as well). I always encourage students/staff to use notepad or Word>Notepad to author then copy across. Do I practice what I preach? Well not always, but if I am writing a long post I certainly do.

Regards, Ian 

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