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Institution and country preselected

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23 December 2009, 7:23


this is not really a bug, just a little detail, but I was wondering why in user registration always the latest created institution is pre-selected (instead of "No institution"). I would prefer new people not paying attention to the institution-field registering to no institution at all than to the wrong institution.

I was also wondering why every new member by default lives in "New Zealand". Wouldn't it be better to add something like "no country selected".

As I said - nothing important, just details. And you can still tell me if I'm wrong ;-)


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24 December 2009, 7:08

Hello Christoph,

here is the code-snippet to modify if you look for a "new" standard" country:


    if ($element == 'country') {
        $items[$element]['options'] = getoptions_country();
        $items[$element]['defaultvalue'] = get_config('country') ? get_config('country') : 'nz';


HTH Heinz

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