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Mahara 1.0.8 Released

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06 January 2009, 23:47

This release fixes a bug that prevented emails being sent in 1.0.7, and makes it much easier to install new language packs. Updated instructions will be on the install instructions wiki page soon, but as a quick summary, all you have to do is download a language pack from this page to the 'langpacks' directory in dataroot and extract it.

We're going to release a new beta of 1.1 shortly with numerous improvements and fixes. Look out for it soon!

07 January 2009, 10:54

I wonder at this point.
For those who like me is launching a new language pack version which agrees with?
At stable all'uscente 1.0.8 or at coming soon 1.1?
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07 January 2009, 18:14

We plan to support 1.0 for a while after 1.1 is released, so if you have the time then doing a translation of 1.0 is fine.

However, the 1.1 release draws closer. If you have only limited time, then concentrate on translating 1.1, because it will be out for a lot longer than 1.0.

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