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16 December 2009, 7:14

Could anyone please help me with this error:

Your defined data root directory, /home/mahara /, is not writable. This means that neither session data, user files nor anything else that needs to be uploaded can be saved on your server. Please make the directory if it does not exist, or give ownership of the directory to the web server user if it does

 I have made sure that the directory is writeable and i am still unable to get it to work

Any help would be most  appreciated


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16 December 2009, 8:29


you must have two principal folders: mahara (application folder), not writable and moodledata (data folder) writable.
all folders under moodledata (or whatever name) must be writable too.
Make chmod -R moodledata to set writable mode to all folders.

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