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Site Admin page blank - check upgrade problem

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11 December 2009, 6:25

I briefly moved the mahara code off of our server, and then replaced it, as is.

Everything continues to work fine, however the site administration page comes up blank.
I've traced this to the check_upgrade function.
I commented this out in admin/index.php

$upgrades = check_upgrades();

if (isset($upgrades['core']) && !empty($upgrades['core']->install)) {
    $smarty->assign('installing', true);
    $smarty->assign('releaseargs', array($upgrades['core']->torelease, $upgrades['core']->to));

And site admin has returned.

What appears to be the issue is that Mahara thought I'd done an upgrade, but I haven;t and its now stuck in some no-mans-lands of trying to initiate an upgrade, but not...or something!

Is there a db flag set somewhere that I can re-set or some other way to assure the check_upgrade funtion that it hasn't been upgraded.

Note that "administor extentions" also has the same blank page issue and has an include for upgrade.php

We're currently using version 1.1.6

Intending to move to 1.2.x end of Jan '10 (for semester 2) and am concerned that the upgrade won't work if I don't fix this issue

Many Thanks in advance if light can be shed on this.


Solent University

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17 December 2009, 22:05

Hi Roger,

Is there anything in the error log?

Does the failure happen inside check_upgrades() or in the code after it?

I guess the way I'd diagnose this problem is to keep doing your tracing, into the check_upgrades() function (in htdocs/lib/upgrade.php).  You could comment out parts of that and see what happens, or add "return;" statements and issue log_debug($foo); calls if you need to see the values of variables -- they should be output into the error log.

Often when you get a blank page it's because you're trying to call a function that php doesn't know about, becuase it hasn't been included.  So your problem could just be the result of a file that didn't get copied back into the same place when you moved it off the server temporarily.

The way the upgrades basically work is that the version number in your database (look for a row in your 'config' table with the string 'version' in it) is compared against the version number of your code (stored in the file htdocs/lib/version.php). Mahara thinks it needs to do an upgrade if the code version is greater than the db version.
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