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New bug tracker - ideas?

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06 January 2009, 0:53

I have been tasked with finding a new bug tracker for Mahara to eventually move to. Because I'm lazy^Wbusy, I thought I would ask for your suggestions for a new tracker. There's quite a few options out there, so if the list could be narrowed down to two or three contenders that would help greatly Wink

I don't think there are any hard requirements, other than that we must be able to control the data within the system. Software-as-a-service bug trackers are no good if we can't get at the data to migrate away to another tracker if needed.

An Free/Open Source bug tracker would be at an advantage too - something that can be customised if necessary (this is less necessary if the tracker is awesome enough already). Also, I'm sure we can arrange to pay for a license if absolutely necessary, but of course that would be a last option.

So please - post your suggestions! A rant about why you think each tracker is the best is most welcome too. From this hopefully we can narrow it down to two or three to evaluate.

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06 January 2009, 14:13

Trac is for me the most productive and usefull tracker, Trac is the most commun tracker for opensource projects. I think the git plugin for the "browse code" is available but could be a little slow.

RoundUp is quite powerfull. One feature that is the best is the email integration with the issues, is genius. this feature is simil to, this way you can trac and edit the issues on your email account. I use it on my company for most of my projects, the email integration is just great. Besides use it :) and they love it.

There are some bugtrackers integrate with git,

I would pick up roundup, but trac is almost on every case more usefull and productive for new users.
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18 January 2009, 12:10

I've never used Trac or Roundup, but I've used RT in the past (both for internal projects and for filing some bugs in CPAN), and OTRS a little bit. And of course Jira (as the Moodle tracker).

I think Jira have some advantages (already known to those people coming from the Moodle world, quite featureful, lots of know-how among the Moodle HQ people that could be leveraged, etc.) But it's propietary and written in Java (which depending on your background can be either a good or a bad thing Wink)

I really like one feature both RT and Roundup have: the ability to drive most (if not all) of the process via email, in addition to the web gui.

The thing both are missing (as far as I can see) is SCM integration with git, the way Trac+SVN or Jira+CVS do. I've read something about SCMBug and it seems there's an extension to integrate Roundup with Subversion that could probably be used as a base.

Saludos. Iñaki.

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22 January 2009, 9:39

Just to counter one point, I really *dislike* RT as a bug tracker - it doesn't feel suited to that task very well at all. Yell
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22 January 2009, 18:07

Mantis ( is absolutely awesome! I have used it on many projects before.

It is open source, PHP + pg or mysql

Not too feature packed, and does not integrate with source control. But it is simple enough to be quick and easy, yet still be useful.

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