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SSO Moodle->Mahara logout behavior

08 December 2009, 9:43


I upgraded both Moodle ( 1.9.7+ Build: 20091202) and Mahara (1.2.2)

  •  I left all the old config stuff from Moodle 1.9.6+ and Mahara 1.2.
  •  Mahara was a clean install (all files removed, but I copied back the config file) 
  • Moodle was upgraded through the CVS: cvs update -dP ....

Problem: After connection to Mahara from Moodle, then logout from Mahara I also get disconnected from Moodle, i.e. the Moodle home page will load but I have been thrown out. I.e. after clicking on Moodle's login link I can see a "session timeout" message.

Wasn't the case before or is this wanted behavior that before the upgrade didn't work, because the old Moodle version didn't behave ?

No errors found in either Apache log files. Moodle runs under Solaris/PHP 5.2.5 and Mahara under Ubuntu/Php 5.2.6

Questions: Is this a wanted feature ? Do I have to reappply some patch to Moodle ? Or do you have another idea ?

- thanx again ! - Daniel

PS: Still can't see View submission outcomes block in Mahara after upgrading mahara-oucomes-arteface.tar, but then as you said, it's not needed in Mahara. On the Moodle side it still works ok :)

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09 December 2009, 17:16

Hi Daniel,

Yes, that logout behaviour is intentional and it's been that way for a long time.  I don't know of any simple way to turn it off, but I guess we should provide one.


09 December 2009, 20:08

Thanks, now I am sure that my install is fine :)

but indeed in some future release, people ought to have to possibility to opt out of this. In particular if Moodle is the main "driver" for educational activities.

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12 January 2010, 10:58

This is interesting, my platform is Windows and until the upgrade to Moodle 1.9.7 and Mahara 1.2.2, I always  thought the norm was that after logging into Mahara from Moodle and then logging out of Mahara I would be tansferred back to Moodle still logged in. Now as Daniel says I'm completely logged out.

The other thing that has risen again is the need to refresh from within Mahara after hitting a save button, the last work around I seem to remember doing  was to make the drive letters capitals. Do I need to do something different now. Still using only one slash D:\marahdata etc

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15 March 2010, 15:40

Actually, the Mnet protocol says that when you log out of any of the applications you're logged in to, messages go all the way back up the chain so that you're logged out of all of them.  Even if you are connected to many different sites.

I'm sorry but I don't know anything about your other problem...

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02 July 2010, 21:11

This is very odd. We have SSO from Moodle->Mahara only, and logging out of Mahara always thrust me back into Moodle with credentials still intact. That was Moodle 1.9.4, Mahara 1.2.4, WAMP install. We just ran the upgrade to 1.9.7, and now SSO is broken altogether, but I've just discovered that...more work to do before I whine about that.

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