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30 November 2009, 13:13

Hi from France,

is it possible  to create sub groups for groups ?

ex: groupe France

subgroups: Paris, Marseille, Lyon ...

Tank you


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30 November 2009, 17:37

Hi Vincent,

the actual version offers no subgroups.

I don't know if in your situation the handling of institutions can be a workaround. You create a institution france and groups Paris, Marseille, Lyon.


Greetings from the Black Forest 



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30 November 2009, 21:27

Hello Vincent,

I am just wondering what the purpose for the groups and the sub-groups are?  Do the sub-groups have to be within the groups?

I think there might be 2 ways of doing this within the mahara group functionality. 

You could either create sub-groups separately from the main groups or you could get each sub-group to use a separate 'group view' to work on something.  I have found that you can link a forum discussion to a view as well, so if there is a discussion going on within the group it could be accessed through the 'group view'

I think the difference is that by creating separate groups, the contibutions are private to the sub-group members and by using the 'group view', all the members of the group can see all sub-group contributions.

I hope that helpsSmile

Kind regards


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22 December 2009, 11:56


I join in this conversation as - like Vincent - I'm looking for a solution to create subgroups (even if it's not "real" ones).

Hasmeeta, your second suggestion sounds promising, but I played the whole night with my new mahara installation and I couldn't find out yet how to assign forums to a view. But as I'm new to mahara perhaps I missed something significant.

Would you be able to give me some advice on how to assign forums to views or explain your suggestion a bit more in detail? I would also be interested to know if there is a possibility of showing the (let's call them) "fake" subgroups (views) on the actual group page. So to stay with Vincent's example: If you click on Group "France" you would see all the views ("fake" subgroups like "Paris", "Lyon", "Marseille") on the France-group's start page.

Thank you very much in advance!
Your help is much appreciated,


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23 December 2009, 6:41

Hi Chris,

As users can create as many groups as they like, just get  your users to set up their own groups (as subgroups). Membership can be with friends, open or by invitation (or request) so it should provide the solution you are looking for. 



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23 December 2009, 7:34

Hi Ian,

thanks for your message. Perhaps I get something wrong, but as far as I understand useres can not  create subgroups of a group either. Also in my case only the administrator is supposed to create groups. This is why I think Hasmeeta's idea sounds promising but I couldn't find out how she managed to assign specific forums to specific views.

Merry Christmas,

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24 December 2009, 0:05

Hi Chris,

 I did not realise your admin had to set up groups.  Why not let anyone set up groups? We just have Foliospaces set so any user can setup a group. I would think that inserting a forum into a view takes away the benefits of a group - i.e. shares resources, shared, views, shared forums etc.

Also just because you are using Mahara doesn't mean you can't use external apps if they provide a better solution. You could use free solutions such as Google groups, wikis (e.g. pbworks) blogs (e.g. posterous)  or we are doing some great experiments with Google Wave at he moment. Any of these could be embedded or dropped into a view with RSS.

Merry Christmas, Ian 

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