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25 November 2009, 5:31 AM

Rather than undo all of the good work that we have done personalizing a theme, I thought I'd see what the consensus would be on a few client requests.  The programmer seems to think the following "can't" be done or has been unable to suss out how to:

(hold on to your hats it's a laundry list!)

- Eliminate "My Views" completely.

-Remove the personal photo that accompany the screennames, but allow them to remain on the personal profile  (We are catering to a non-Gen Y, barely Gen X crowd)

- Remove the (screenname) and just display the user's elected first & last name 

- Add an icon to denote the "facilitators" (site admins) acting as the CoP's experts

- For the facilitators, replace the (screenname) with "(online)" when that person is logged in

-Have all forums / info pages (grey boxes) appear on one page rather than scrolling through several

I figured I'd throw it out there while I wait for the ftp transfer to finish to have a bit of a play, but I am thinking this may be more nitty gritty than design mind can wrap itself around (... in the next 48 hours! Going live Friday AM.)  Any thoughts or direction are much appreciated. 


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25 November 2009, 1:34 PM

Hi Siobhan,

I'm going to reply in order:

1. That one really is tricky.  Views are what control access in Mahara. You can't upload a file, for example, and make it sharable with other people, unless you put it in a View and grant access to the View.  That's kind of .. fundamental :)

2. That should be doable

3. (screenname) is only displayed to admin users actually. You may want to try logging in as a normal user and clicking around and see how it's different ;)

4. That should be doable

5. That should be doable (but again remember only admins see (screenname)

6. I'm not sure what you meant by info pages and grey boxes, but it should be doable with a bit of hacking


For the ones that involve how the name is displayed, that is all handled in one place in Mahara - the function "display_name" in htdocs/lib/user.php

Hope that helps!


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