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'Latest posts' block in group views

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24 November 2009, 20:40

Kia ora,

Anyone set up the ability to add a block that pulls in the (x) most recent forum posts from a group? Like the external RSS feed one, but for group discussion forums.


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25 November 2009, 16:28

There isn't such a block currently, but it would be easy to write - after all, there's already code to show the latest X posts on the group page.
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07 December 2009, 18:05

I have written this block now. A demo of it is here:

Anyone can get the code from the git repository, which I put on gitorious:

It works in 1.1_STABLE, 1.2_STABLE and master.

It allows you to pick from the groups that you're a member of, and choose the number of posts that will be shown (default 5). If the user looking at your view can't see the group, they won't see the posts.

It currently doesn't work in group/institution/site views. Now it does! Drop it into a group view and it'll show recent posts for that group. Or, put it into a site/institution view so when groups can copy it their posts will show up, or when users copy it they can choose a group for it to show posts for.

Feel free to try it out/install it and let me know what you think! 

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