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Upgrade path from 1.6

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23 November 2009, 13:26

Hello All,

The release notes say that version 1.2 includes an upgrade path from version 1.1.

I assume from that that any version can jump to 1.2, is that correct?

We are currently running version 1.6 and am not sure if it would be better to go to 1.7 and then onto 1.2, or whether we should just go from 1.6 to 1.2.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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23 November 2009, 18:21

I presume you were meaning 1.1.6, not 1.6 Smile. Yes, you can upgrade from any version in the 1.1 series to 1.2. All the relevant upgrades will be applied. Remember to backup, etc. first Wink
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