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Group View - no edit for group members

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23 November 2009, 12:51

I'm starting to get insane ;-)

Mahara 1.2.0

I have a group and have set up a group view to work on for all group members. I don't know whether I have come across a bug here... the view can only be edited by myself, it's most weird - I checked all possible settings but there is nothing I possibly could chnage to make this work. Already got angry with my students for not seeing the edit button and now after registering as a teststudent myself had to admit they were rigt.... has anyone had this problem?????

Thanks for urgent help,


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23 November 2009, 17:42

I slowly start getting doubts on the function of a group view? Did I misinterpret something? Does it only mean that in a group you can create a view for the group members to be visible? But then this doesn't make any sense as I could give access to specific groups already in the old version? I definitely am confused- and the MAHARA community is fast asleep :-( .... waiting for tomorrow then ....
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23 November 2009, 18:23

Heh, I'm awake!!

What type of group is it? It might be that in a course group, only the admins can edit it. In fact, that's what the code says. You'd have to make a small adjustment to the code to allow members to edit the views too. It should probably be a setting, really..

If you or your local sysadmin can edit the code, then in grouptype/course/lib.php, change the method 'get_view_editing_roles' to return 'member' as well as 'tutor' and 'admin'.

If not, the maybe you could use a separate group to do it for now?

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23 November 2009, 18:28

google chrome killed my first posting :-((((

once again ;-)

greetings from the Schwarzwald

change grouptype from course:Request Membership to Standard: Request Membership, this solves your problem :-D

HTH Heinz


PS:  did you read my  dm tweet about google wave? feel free2ask4invitation ;-)


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23 November 2009, 18:53

Hi Nigel and Heinz,

thank you guys for your help! Indeed, Heinz' suggestion solved the problem - in fact I did not understand what the differnce is supposed to be between "course request.... and "Standard request..." memebership? Thee must be an intention behind this difference!

Anyway I will have a good nights sleep after having sorted this out... yes, Nigel I know... you neve sleep in NZ ;-)


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