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20 November 2009, 10:25

I uploaded a new pluggin called "MyLearning", unfortunately after the upload the site comes up OK but when I click on site administration, I get this error message. How can I fix it or uninstall a plugin ? 

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class PluginArtefactLearningin /var/www/mahara/htdocs/blocktype/learning/lib.php on line 57

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20 November 2009, 12:48

Which version of Mahara are you using? There are slight differences between 1.2 (new) and 1.1 (old) code...

If you want to uninstall the plugin, you have to:

  1. delete some lines in you database (I use MySQL database and SLQyog which is a GUI for working with MySQL database) - check the tables, which have foloowing words in their names: artefact, installed, blocktye
  2. In all these tables you have to delete lines, containing either of the values: learning, multipleintelligneces, learningstyles
  3. delete the folder, containing the plugin (/artefacts/learning)

Check the wiki page and download appropriate versiobn of the plugin.

I hope you understood brief instructions for uninstalling my plugin. Right now (this) weekend I don't have too much time. I can write detailed instrucions at the beginning of next week...

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24 November 2009, 9:13

Detailed instructions (hopefuly enough) on how to uninstall My Learning plug-in are found here.

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