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19 November 2009, 19:57

Kia ora,

We'd like to make some nice, shiny templates that push the boundaries of a Mahara view. Any ideas how we would get a temple that looked something like this? We'd like our teachers to be able to click into one of the boxes and change the text. It's a tool to help them conduct research into the way they teach and their classroom practice. Obviously we can put a collection of text boxes on a view under these titles, but the linking arrows etc. add so much more to its usefulness.

Any ideas?

teaching as inquiry

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19 November 2009, 21:00

Hm... I think you might be out of luck with the current view system!

You could simulate it with a bunch of text boxes with no titles.. possibly. It would require quite a bit of building though, and you wouldn't get the "click the boxes to change the text" feeling really.

You could also simulate it with one really big text box I suppose, but again you'd miss the click-the-boxes feature.

Maybe you could put that image in at the top of the view, and then have other boxes below it where you would have put the contents of the boxes? 

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20 November 2009, 4:55

Are these boxes fixed (I mean, size, position and number)?
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