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LEAP2A + The DataPortability Project

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19 November 2009, 9:10

Hi everyone/anyone.

I've been playing with a few bits and pieces in and around today and I started wondering..

Is there any existing or planned connection between those working on portfolio data interoperability and the DataPortability Project?

Are these worlds that can co-exist?
Are there resources/research that is or can be shared across these projects?
Is there even any need for it?
How much data *needs* to be interoperable or should it be "all of it?".

Just wondering.
Yes, I know, I'm being vague.. not sure how much detail I could handle myself!

Any thoughts appreciated..

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19 November 2009, 16:15

Philosophically I'd be very supportive of the concepts in the DataPortability project - which is why we're early adopters of LEAP2A. It all comes down to resourcing and prioritising these initiatives.


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