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Recreate certificate

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18 November 2009, 13:43


My ISP seems unable to create a DNS pointer without the www.  When I set up Mahara, I was using a URL without the www.  Trying to covert after the fact is proving a problem because the Mahara certificate was created when the domain had no www included.  Moodle won't play of course and if you past the mahara certificate into the moodle system, rightly complains that the domain names are different.

How can I recreate the mahara certificate.  I was hoping that turning networking of then on might recreate the certificate - but unfortunately not.


Any help would be greatly appreciated


Many thanks



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18 November 2009, 16:38

You'll have to delete it manually in the database. Revisiting the networking page will then regenerate it. Because you will have deleted it completely, you'll have to remember to copy it and paste to your Moodle, in the box where the Mahara system's public key appears (Networking -> Peers, and select your Mahara peer).

You can delete the relevant fields from the config table by running this SQL command:

DELETE FROM config WHERE field LIKE 'openssl_%';

You might want to visit your networking page and copy the public key first. Once you do the delete, and then refresh the page, the key will change - but most keys look pretty similar. I find it best to compare them by looking down the rightmost column of letters - especially near the bottom, they'll change.

When you've established that it's changed, copy it to Moodle manually, and things should start working Smile 

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22 July 2010, 22:13


I have a problem which is like this. My Address was changed from http to https for security reason. I already deleted the key and recreate the certificate.

It was done.

But the problem is, when the user from Moodle login via SSO, then Mahara will create a new user inside Mahara. For example. before the address of Mahara change from http to https, I have user pungki on Moodle and Mahara. I can SSO between Moodle to Mahara smoothly.

When the address changed, and I did SSO from Moodle to Mahara, Mahara create user pungki1 on Mahara. Then user pungki1 is set to normal user (user pungki is supposed to be an Administrator of Mahara).

Since I have a lot of user which already registered in Mahara, how can I do synchronization between them? I don't want to recreate all user on Mahara.

And what Authentication Method should I use at Mahara? Internal or XMLRPC?

I want :

  1. A user can be SSO from Moodle to Mahara
  2. A user can directly login to Moodle and Mahara (without SSO)
Thanks in advance.
Pungki Arianto
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23 July 2010, 1:56

Update :

My problem was solved! Here's the solution I used.

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09 September 2011, 9:39

If you're using MySQL Workbench 5.2 to edit your database the syntax for that command is a little different - it would read:

DELETE FROM `mahara`.`config` WHERE field LIKE 'openssl_%'

Hope this helps anyone else in this position save a bit of time!

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