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Paragraph font on Fresh theme

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18 November 2009, 2:17

Hi there, I have managed to customize most of my template, but I just cant seem to find the color code for paragraph font, I have chosen the Fresh theme, and I have changed the content area to white, now  the problem I face is that the paragraph font is light blue which makes it hard to see. Could you kindly assist Smile
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18 November 2009, 18:47

It's probably the color rule on the body element in theme/fresh/static/style/style.css

 body {

    background: #10171A url(../images/bg.gif) repeat top center;    

    color: #BEE3F1;


Actually, there are many color rules in that file - you may have to change all of them to suit if you've switched the background to be white.
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04 December 2009, 9:26

Hi Jaco

It would be interesting to see/share you customized Fresh theme. Everything about the Fresh theme is good except when students wish to type text the font is light blue and very hard to see as you mention.



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