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Mahara 1.2.0 Released

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15 November 2009, 23:46

At long last (and a little late Wink), Mahara 1.2 is out! This is the next major upgrade for Mahara sites, and contains many cool new features, including six themes, a rewritten files section, a full import/export system using the LEAP2A standard, support for submitting views to Moodle for assessment (requires some moodle customisations), an improved Views interface, RTL language pack support and various usability tweaks, small enhancements and fixes across all areas.

We will fully support people upgrading from 1.1, but please take proper precautions, including testing the upgrade on a copy of your database and dataroot first.

So, go forth and upgrade! CoolCool


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16 November 2009, 4:05

Thank You Nigel,



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16 November 2009, 5:20

Thank You Nigel. I would like to work with this version long time with my students. best wishes.



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16 November 2009, 5:34

Thanks Nigel. A fantastic parting gift to the community. All the best for the future!

Are the Moodle customisations for export from Mahara documented anywhere?

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16 November 2009, 18:53

Not sure if this is the right place post this as it is probably an issue with the 3rd-party plug-ins rather than Mahara 1.2.0 per se.

Although the Medical Case Notes plugin seems to work correctly with Mahara 1.2.0, the Learning Styles plug-in fails with the message:

ERROR - something bad happened after headers have been sent. Check the error log for more information.

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17 November 2009, 4:46

The Learning Styles plug-in was using Smarty (which is gone now), so I'll have to switch to Dwoo too. I'm not sure, but I guess that this is the problem...
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19 November 2009, 4:04

My Learning plug-in is fixed. You can download it for Mahara 1.2.
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19 November 2009, 13:10

Thanks Gregor !

I can confirm the new Learning plug-in code is working on our Mahara 1.2 server.

I realy like this plug-in, both in terms of getting students to reflect about their learning, and also in just getting them familiar with Mahara, adding content  to Views etc.

Thanks again Cool

27 November 2009, 6:18

Hi, are you sure that the tar files are ok ?

 thanx if you could have a look :) - Daniel

Tried to install it in Moodle 1.9.6+ on nov 27 2009

Moodle says: Tried to modify database, but "/data/portails/moodle/moodle/mod/mahara/db/mysql.sql" doesn't exist!

I put the file list as comment in the wiki page.


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27 November 2009, 8:13

Hi Daniel,

 Just to be sure, you're trying to install the full Mahara 1.2 release package into moodle ? That won't work ;) Mahara is a stand-alone web application, which needs to be installed all by itself.  It's not a Moodle module.  There is some integration with Moodle t hough, but you have to set up Mahara by itself first.


You can read more about how to install Mahara here:

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