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Mahara 1.2.0 Released

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27 November 2009, 10:27

 Sorry I did something stupid, my comment wasn't inserted in the right place.

No, I already have a Moodle and a Mahara running fine (thanx to your help actually). Plus I did the integration of the two, i.e. Moodle users can sign in by clicking on the Mahara button in Moodle. Works fine.

Just wanted to add this specific Moodle mod:  Mahara-Moodle View Submission. (the post below by Geoff Rowland )

If you have time to spare (going through the registration process) you can even check:

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03 December 2009, 11:22


 Where can I download the Medical Case Notes plugin? I would to review and possibly ammend for our vet nursing students.



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06 December 2009, 16:44

Hi Ali,

It's maintained by Elliot Pahl, and the most recent version is currently available here:;a=snapshot;sf=tgz

We've been moving our public repositories over to recently and I'll ask Elliot to post here if/when the Case Notes plugin gets moved.


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07 December 2009, 7:52

Thanks Richard.

I download and installed no problems but receive an error and nothing happens when I try to add problem and condition, which I have reported here:

Thanks again,


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26 November 2009, 14:17

To answer my own question - and in case it helps anyone else - here is the Wiki documentation for Mahara-Moodle View Submission


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27 November 2009, 5:35

The question that I don't see answered absolutely crystal-clear in the docs is whether a View submitted for assessment is now un-alterable somewhere.  This is something our QA process will ask because they need to keep a record of all submitted work for N years.  Not saying that a student shouldn't be able to change the view and resubmit.  I just need a frozen submission. 


I'm sure that this must have been considered before, but I don't see it specifically mentioned in the Mahara-Moodle View Submission or Mahara/Moodle outcomes micro manual.




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29 November 2009, 17:22

Hi Boyd

In Mahara once a view is submitted for assessment it is locked until the teacher releases it.

In the mahara moodle integration demo I have seen you can add a Mahara View as a Moodle assessment. This sets up the mahara course group so you can submit the view.  You can give feedback using the Moodle assessment module.

If you use the Moodle outcomes then the outcome results are posted back to the mahara view as well as into Moodle.

So in answer to your question if a teacher wants to freeze a submission after resubmission then they should not release the view.

I am not sure how easy the non released view would be to access . It would be better to have an archive type system for submitted views. This might be better to be in Moodle  as eportfolios puts the user is in control whereas Moodle is where the institute is in control.

The developers of this module will probably be able to answer this better.Undecided




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