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Changing the text of a Profile View

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12 November 2009, 0:42

Hi all

I'm currently makeing some changes to the terminology of the default English in a Mahara instance. I know I've done it incorrectly. I went into the language files and changed all the terms in there, instead of making a language pack, but I didn't know you could do that until a few moments ago.

Anyway, even with dodgyness on my part, I've managed to change the terms Friends to Collegues, and Views to Information Pages across the entire site. EXCEPT for when you are designing a View page using the Drag and Drop tools. I can't seem to find anyway to change the My Friends Drag and Drop box and My Views drag and drop box to My Collegues and My Information Pages. Also, you can change the About Me heading to whatever you like, but the My Friends block heading and the My Views block heading is fixed, I would like to change them as well.

Any information about where to look for the code to change these would be great. Thanks!


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12 November 2009, 2:08

Hi Michael,

It may be that you just changed the language files in the main lang/ directory, but Mahara has language files for each plugin too.

The my friends & my views blocks are in htdocs/blocktype, and their language files are inside there too - eg htdocs/blocktype/myfriends/lang/en.utf8



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