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Mahara 1.2.0rc1 Released

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09 November 2009, 22:00

We're nearly there! The first, and possibly last, release candidate of Mahara 1.2, has been released. It's sporting a bunch of bug fixes and enhancements from the last beta, here are the important ones:

  • Full, working LEAP2A support now - including on PHP 5.1, including the resumefield block that I had forgotten about, and including importing profile views as profile views again (these were the big problems found after the last beta).
  • We fixed a bunch of bugs resulting in our switch from Smarty to Dwoo - the theme work is now all but complete
  • Numerous improvements to View feedback (thanks to the University of Luxembourg for this!) 
On top of all this, we've gone through and fixed many of the bugs reported in the tracker, and added a few of the smaller features in the feature request tracker. For example, you can now restrict group creation to only admins.
If you have the ability, we would greatly appreciate your help in testing it! If no major bugs are found for a few days, then we will do the 1.2 release Cool


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