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Nigel McNie leaving Catalyst

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09 November 2009, 22:13

Hey Nigel,

thanks for the help you provided me with in the past. If you're in the area, stop by and a ski is on me.

All the best to you! 

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09 November 2009, 22:24

"After four and a half years at Catalyst IT on and off since I was merely 17 years old,"..... you've been there man and boy! Good luck with the new venture, I'm sure Flexible and Catalyst will miss you. Might see you and the Old Ladies around at the football some time.
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10 November 2009, 5:46

Hi Nigel, thanks for a very dedicated and helpful activity, your dedication was exemplary.  I'm sure you will be missed.
All the best for your new carrier,

Regards from Switzerland

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10 November 2009, 18:53

HI Nigel,

Best wishes for your new adventureSmile  Mahara is proving to be a great system from a user perspective and your input and responsiveness to the community has been very supportive and encouraging.  I must admit it is rare to have a developer so 'in-touch' with the users perspectiveSurprised!


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13 November 2009, 16:46

All the best Nigel and thankyou for the times you have helped and advised meSmile
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