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05 November 2009, 11:16

Hi all,

 Is it possible to serve up multiple mahara sites from a single codebase? In a similar vein to wordpress-mu?

 We're considering offering mahara as a service and this would greatly simplfy updates and such.  Apologies if the question has already been asked but I couldn't find anything obvious in the docs.


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05 November 2009, 16:52

There's nothing inbuilt into the system. I'm not familiar with wordpress-mu, but I know Drupal has a multiple-sites ability.

Then again, there's not a great advantage to doing things that way, in my opinion. What are your objections to just using separate codebases for each client? At least that way, if one of them wants a customisation, that customisation isn't forced on or revealed to all your other clients Smile

(also: are you a Mahara partner? You have to become a partner before you can advertise that you sell Mahara services) 

05 November 2009, 19:39

I rise to ask where they are written in clear conditions for selling services

Mahara. At the moment there are only vague answers and occasional.

Being Open Source, I think the important thing is not to sell the software.

Sell services (hosting, support, customization, consulting, etc..)

Should be automatically available. My team has already applied

to become partners, but at the moment still has not pushed for it is

in planning stages. However, I think it is necessary to define specific rules.

Nigel remember that we were the first in Italy interested in the program

and to take steps immediately releasing the language pack and creating

a demo site all in Italian.

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08 November 2009, 17:26

A summary is here:

Basically - you can say that you provide eportfolio hosting/services etc, but you can't say you provide Mahara hosting/services unless you are a partner.

If someone comes to you and asks if you can provide them with Mahara services then you can say yes - but you can't advertise that you do without being a partner. 

17 November 2009, 14:47

Thanks, Nigel.

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