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29 December 2008, 23:02

Hi folks,

I have started a new page on the wiki about downloading Mahara. It's based off a page on the old wiki but has links to download language packs from now.

You will note that it doesn't have all of them. For example, the Japanese one only has a link to download 'master'. This is because the Japanese repository only has a 'master' branch. If you want links for both 1.0.X and master, your repository should have branches for both. I can help you set these up if you want.

This means that if language strings are added or changed on master by us, then the strings should be added or changed by you on the master branch too. This shouldn't cause you much work, as most of the time changes are only being made on one branch.

I know this is different from Moodle, but this also gives us the ability to delete unneeded strings as features are reworked or removed Wink

One final note - for people who are developing their language packs elsewhere, that's fine - as long as you provide a link for a version of Mahara it can be put in the table - just let us know the details about it.

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29 December 2008, 23:04

Two other notes:

  1. I'm writing some documentation for the wiki about how to develop language packs.
  2. If you do create the appropriate branches etc., reply to this thread and I'll update the wiki page

30 December 2008, 5:02

Very good news. Thanks Nigel.

Two questions/remarks:

1) Is any way to have a mailing list off all commits on mahara.git repo (like in Moodle), such that we can be aware of any change in the language files ?

2) I would like (if time permits) to have also a 1.0.x repo for french localisation. What are the git commands to achieve this (without messing my all things ;-))

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30 December 2008, 7:26


you can subscribe to the Atom feed of the mahara repository at;a=atom and get all the commits from that feed. It even has links to the actual commit diff (but not the commit diff itself, like the Moodle CVS commit list.

Saludos. Iñaki.

30 December 2008, 12:55

Thanks a lot Iñaki. Do you now if there's a way to get this by mail (so that I can automatically filter the appropriate commits and manage my translation work with flags, etc.)?
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30 December 2008, 16:27

Hmmm, there are a number of RSS to mail gateways, some even as free services on the net. But i guess setting up an email list on would be a better option if possible.

Saludos. Iñaki.

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30 December 2008, 18:59

A mailing list is a good idea. As Iñaki says there is an RSS feed, but I don't see why we shouldn't be able to rig up an email list too. I'll look into it.

The git commands: OK so currently your local checkout has just one branch - 'master' - and this branch is being pushed to the 'origin/master' branch - which is the master branch in the lang/fr.utf8 repository. This branch contains the french translation for the 'master' branch in the mahara git repository. (Sorry if I'm explaining this in more detail than you need but it might help other people following along Smile)

What you want to do is create a 1.0_STABLE branch which is pushed to origin/1.0_STABLE in your repository. This corresponds to the 1.0_STABLE branch in the mahara git repo.

The command to create this branch is:

git checkout -b 1.0_STABLE

This creates a new local branch called 1.0_STABLE that contains whatever your local master branch contained at the time.

You can then push that to the remote repository with:

git push origin 1.0_STABLE

Which says 'push the 1.0_STABLE branch to origin', which by default will create a remote branch called 1.0_STABLE.

You can switch between branches with:

git checkout 1.0_STABLE

git checkout master

And use 'git branch' or 'git status' to find out what branch you are on.

Once you have created your 1.0_STABLE branch, you might  want to remove language strings that aren't in master. You will definitely want to remove directories referring to new blocktypes and other plugins in 1.1 - e.g. 'my friends'.

Hope that helps!

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30 December 2008, 23:17

I have set up a mailing list now:

Enjoy :)

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31 December 2008, 6:47


Thanks, and thanks: for git instructions (I still now have to try and succeed) and for the mailing list.


01 January 2009, 8:17

I tried your git instructions. It works beautifully and I've now some files in the 1.0 STABLE branch too :-)

Thanks again and happy new year!

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