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Windows installation with PHP 5.3

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29 October 2009, 19:13

Hello everyone.
I installed Mahara version 1.2.0beta4 (2009101500) on Windows with Apache and PHP 5.3 with LDAP (that works well).
- The function " strptime () " does not work in windows, but I have solve  that by creating a substitute function.
- Add:  "$cfg-> insecuredataroot = true;"  in the "config.php" to solve the problem of preview images and download files in views.

Presently I have one problem in " \ view \ access.php".
- These lines do not work  "  redirect('/view/'); ",  it should do the redirect to "/ view /" but do not, causing this error "ERROR - something bad happened after headers have been sent. Check the error log for more information.".
So far i still not solve, does anyone know how?
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01 November 2009, 15:38

Hi - well your first step is to check the apache error log, to see the message in there. There should be a nice big backtrace and error message that you can paste here, which will give us a clue as to what might be wrong Smile
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17 November 2009, 9:14

System: Mahara 1.2.0 on XAMPP - Windows Server

When you try to set date for access to view (Public, Logged in users etc.) the following error apears:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function strptime() in C:\xampp\htdocs\mahara\view\access.php on line 249

"Overriding Start/Stop Dates" section seems to work OK.  

 To overcome this issue you can replace in view\access.php:

line 249 -strptime($item['startdate'], get_string('strftimedatetimeshort')) --> strftime(get_string('strftimedatetimeshort'), $item['startdate'])

line 256 -strptime($item['stopdate'], get_string('strftimedatetimeshort'))  --> strftime(get_string('strftimedatetimeshort'), $item['stopdate'])

I don't how whether the replacement is OK but system seems to work OK.

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17 November 2009, 18:20

The functions strptime and strftime do different things, so we'll have to check whether the fix does the same job as the old code.

From :  Note: This function is not implemented on Windows platforms.

Whoops Wink. I'll file a bug about that. 

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