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Images in Views - dynamic resize possible?

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28 October 2009, 14:42


Hello all,

First of all - if that question havebeen answered before - I didnt fint it thru search.

Situation:  student A placed some images, they appearcorrectly on his wide screen.

Student B opened A’s view and what hesees on his not-wide screen images exceeds column width.

Dynamic(automatic)image resizing or scaling would be great. If images could  fit correctly that will make image widthoption redundant.

Maybethat thing in development already, who knows?

p.s. I dont want to make separate topic for this, but sometimes pasted text appear in textblock with different font size. Example: copy&pasted MS Word formated text, 20 lines with font size 14, 2 lines appear like 16 or 18 fontsize?

 Thanks for help! 


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28 October 2009, 16:14

Hi - the scalable image size thing we have implemented a "quick fix" for in 1.2 - now there is a CSS rule that says the images can have a maximum width of 98% of the box that they're in. It'll hopefully make things a little nicer for those students on smaller screens. You could probably add a similar rule to your Mahara.

The pasting - unfortunately that's something we don't control, it depends on the browser, OS and the WYSIWYG editor. I know that it has a "paste from Word" button (second row, on the right hand side).

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