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Online user'ss icon width scaling

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20 October 2009, 7:23

Some users upload such images : height 300 px, width 100 px.

Width far less than height.

When users with such profile images appear in online users list their image rendered with wrong proportion.

Ive tried searching for answers on wiki and site search but  couldnt find answer.

If some one knows how to make online icons appear with right proportions - please explain.Thanks for help.

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20 October 2009, 18:27

Hi - in some places, the icon is scaled correctly, and in other places it's deliberately forced to be a certain size (in particular in places where many will appear in a list). Where abouts are you seeing the "forced" ones?

A lot of the problem here is that we don't know what we should do with icons that aren't square. If you have any suggestions, we can take them on board Smile.

If you like, you can try changing them and see how it looks. Wherever a profile icon is output, it's an image tag with a src of thumb.php. The parameters to that script influence the shape of the image. Try setting 'maxwidth=XXX&maxheight=YYY' instead of the width and height parameters, and that should scale it to the right width/height. It might look a little strange though.

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