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Sending e-mails?

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28 December 2008, 16:47

Hi, i installed mahara 1.0.7, but all functions that needs sending e-mail to users not working... 

Example: in register page... this warning say:...  "You have successfully registered. Please check your e-mail account for instructions on how to activate your account "

but no new e-mail arrived... I know that i setup correctly mahara, what can i do to solve this problem? 

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05 January 2009, 12:52

Hi, I had the same problem, I wanted to test new features Mahara and I received no mail to register a new user.

If you go into your mahara's database in table named "usr", you will find the login "admin" and its password. With these datas you can access at mahara and create another users.

It didn't resolve my problem sending mail but it allowed me access to mahara and test it.

NB: After the first connection to Mahara with this login, the password is encrypted in the database



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05 January 2009, 15:10

See the sticky topic in this forum for more information.
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