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Unable to connect to Postgresql server

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19 October 2009, 8:21

I have read few of the post related this issue and have done all the suggested methods but I am still unable to get the installation going, here is the error message recieved

Mahara could not connect to the application database.

* If you are using Mahara, please wait a minute and try again
* If you are the administrator, please check your database settings and make sure your database is available

The error received was:
postgres7 error: [-1: Database connection failed] in CONNECT(localhost, test, '****', test)

Thanks in advance

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19 October 2009, 9:36

Hi George,

That could be many different things.  The best thing to do is have a look in your postgres error log. 

Since you're connecting on localhost, it may be forcing a TCPIP connection, when you're trying to connect via sockets.  Try setting dbhost to '' and see if that makes a difference.

Failing that, the postgres error log is your best bet.

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