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Configuring default profile view for new user

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18 October 2009, 23:46

How do you add/delete blocks in default user's profileview?

Tried googling it but couldnt find answer.

Thanks for help.

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19 October 2009, 19:29

Hi Sam

I'm afraid there's no user interface for this yet.  The only way to do it currently is to edit them directly in the database.  The default user's view can be found in the view table -- it's the one with owner = 0 and type = 'profile', and you can see the blocks for this view in the block_instance table, for example by running the query:

SELECT * FROM block_instance WHERE view = (SELECT id FROM view WHERE type = 'profile' AND owner = 0);

At some point we should create a page where this default profile view can be edited by the site administrator.

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