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28 December 2008, 11:24

After installing Mahara wanted to configure the networking but I realized that my PHP library lacks the XLMRPC and I appeared the following message:

Sorry, you can not configure Mahara networking because your PHP installation is missing one or more required extensions:

     * Xmlrpc

The question is:
  It's possible easily integrate these libraries without having to reinstall all on Server and how?
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28 December 2008, 11:38



You 'll need recompile your server eith Xmlrpc support. 

28 December 2008, 12:40

Thanks for your answer.
I had understood this.
Only in that network does not have a tutorial that explains exactly how.
I currently have the site supported on a VPS with Centos and Lihthttpd with PHP 5.
I need more detailed instructions or a tutorial that allow me to do the operation also reported to other libraries. Both the proceedings should be the same belief.
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28 December 2008, 17:46

Hi - normally on a VPS server, you can just install the php5 XMLRPC extension using your package management system. e.g. 'yum install php5-xmlrpc' or similar. I'm not sure what the exact command is because I have never used CentOS, but google might be able to help.

29 December 2008, 5:25

I have already given this command and installed the library.
This is successful.
I have done the restart of lighttpd is a lightweight version of Apache.
But the library is still not present or at least in the setting of the networking function is still missing.
It seems that the PHP at this point should be recompiled.
I have searched on Google and thought that the command that you have given me to work and there was no need for another.
I take this opportunity to make compliments to you and all the staff for this application. I hope I can give as soon as my contribution to this project.
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29 December 2008, 6:08

We've never tested Mahara with lighttpd. You may well have more luck using apache. Having never used lighttpd myself, I wouldn't know what you have to do to make it understand you have the PHP XMLRPC extension available.
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