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Mahara 1.2.0 Beta 4 Released

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14 October 2009, 11:17

Hi everyone,

The latest, and I hope last, of the betas for Mahara 1.2 has just been released. The biggest piece of news regarding this is that Mahara has full LEAP2A support - in particular, you can export your account from one Mahara, and import it again to the same or a different Mahara, and the new account will have all of the data (files, blogs, Views) that the old account had.

Other features of this release:

  • Many more theme updates and fixes - though this is still work in progress
  • Mahara can now support RTL languages (though there are no language packs for this yet - one is in the works though)
  • AJAX pagination on Find Friends page
  • You can extract .zip, .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 files from within your files area, giving you a way to mass-upload many files.
  • We have swapped out the Smarty templating library for Dwoo. The syntax is still the same, but the new library will allow us to address several of Smarty's shortcomings after 1.2.
  • You can now have an HTTPS login page (providing you can set up your Mahara to be served over HTTPS.

In addition to this, there is the usual slew of bugfixes, in particular around some MNET functionality. 

It would be really beneficial if anyone who has the capability could download this release and try out  the new features, especially the LEAP2A import and export.

If you find a bug, please report it to the tracker. Even if it looks obvious! And that includes theming bugs too. Over the next week or so, our plan is to squash as many bugs as we can, before the first release candidate. Don't ask in this thread if something is a bug - just report it and we'll manage it through the tracker Wink

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10 December 2009, 5:07

Dear Sir,

I just install Mahara 1.2.2. version in linux server.

When I upload zip file my my File ..its unzip function is shown.

However, it is failure to unzip it and no unzipped files are created and I l click unzip function...

Please advice.


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14 January 2010, 16:56

Hi Nigel, The LEAP2A feature is very attractive to us. We had Mahara hosted elsewhere in the previous years and had lectures and students developed their own portfolios in the system. Now we are looking at the option of hosting Mahara on our own server. Can this feature be used as an option of migrating data from one host to the other? Does it support bulk import and export? Thanks, Shen

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