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Mahara-Moodle integration

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10 October 2009, 14:56

In order to integrate Mahara with Moodle is it necessary to have both platforms in the same server? Could I have mahara in one server and moodle in a different one? If so, how can I integrate both?
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11 October 2009, 12:23

Hi José,

there is no need to install both "M" on one server. Take care that both hosts support a zip prog, Portfolio export/import needs this feature.

You will find install guidelines in mahoodle.pdf, here in the wiki:

greetings from Germany



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11 October 2009, 19:35

Indeed, it'll work fine as long as the two servers can reach one another over the internet or your intranet. You just put the hostname of your Moodle/Mahara in the relevant boxes when configuring it.
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