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CSV uploads

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07 October 2009, 4:39


 Im wondering if anyone has tried or knows if the csv upload for users only creates new users or if it can be used to update user data. Im thinking this may be perfect for batch changes to users, and may help migrate graduates to our alumni institution , remove them from existing institution and change there authentication method also. This may also work for creating large groups in Mahara.

 I ask this as I use CSV uploads in moodle for changing user details or adding enrollments to specific courses

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07 October 2009, 7:47

Hi Johnny,

the csv utility is only for adding new users. There is in the moment no way to modify data with it.


greetings from Germany



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07 October 2009, 18:07

Hi - as Heinz says, this isn't possible currently - but it sounds like a good idea! You might like to file a feature request for it Cool
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