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Mahara block not visible for students

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29 September 2009, 12:54



we've successfully setup Mahara and linked it to our Moodle installation 1.9.x. At first glance, everything looks just fine, SSO seems to work as well. One problem, though: The Mahara Block in Moodle is only visible für Admins, students don't get it. I tried to make it visible (Administration / Blocks / Fixed Blocks) and also checked students' rights on block visibilty - to no avail. 

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.



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29 September 2009, 18:19

Hi - I'm not entirely sure how the Moodle block stuff works, though maybe a Moodler here on the forums will know. Alternatively, the forums might know Smile

Have you seen the documentation for Mahoodle? It suggests one way of setting up the network server block that always seems to work for me Cool 

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