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Moodle Mahara on Windows Errors.

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11 September 2009, 5:45

Hi, I've got Mahara setup on IIS on a Windows box and eventually got the SSO from Moodle sorted. My ongoing problems are SSO fails if the XMPLRPC update user box is ticked and it appears that once the save option is selected (ie Save Profile) anywhere I get a browser error 'Internet Explorer cannot Display the Webpage'. A browser refresh brings in the newly saved content.
The Student ID box is not being populated from Moodle. I have Firstname, Surname and Student ID as locked areas but only the Student ID fails to populate. Any ideas of how to remedy?
Spec: Moodle 1.9.5+,  Mahara 1.1, MYSQL 5.0.67, PHP 5.2.8, IIS6, Windows Server 2003. Moodle and Mahara on the same server.

regards Gerald

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11 September 2009, 6:20

Hi there,

I've just updated the Moodle Networking FAQ in Moodle docs here:

 so you should start there!

 but.... the main issue will be that your PHP install won't be able to find the openssl.cnf file - a fix to help this has just gone into Moodle 1.9Stable tonight see MDL-13503 (wait untill next week for it it be in the weekly build) and it is yet to be committed to Mahara (should happen sometime very soon!)

in the meantime you can have a look at the PHP openssl docs to see how to set an environment var that contains the location of your openssl.cnf file (but I've had mixed success with this, so you might be better waiting for Mahara to be patched)

hope that helps!

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